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What is An Pneumatic Angle Valve

figure 1 pneumatic angle seat valve

BCST offers a complete range of Pneumatic Angle Valve covering different bodies and materials for the actuator including the steam, air, and gas applications. The testing for the functioning of the Pneumatic Angle Valve is the priority before the shipment process. Here, is the complete guideline about Pneumatic Angle Valve to help you in deciding the placement of the order.

What is a Pneumatic Angle Valve?

The Pneumatic Angle Valve is a valve where the seat of the valve is at a specific angle. The spindle keeps moving in the linear motion operating by the piston. It keeps moving towards the seal or far from the seat of the valve. Usually, the seal is of PTFE (Teflon) and the housing of the valve is of brass or stainless steel. Because of the Y-shaped Pneumatic Angle Valve, the medium can flow easily. This results in a high-flowing capacity and value of Kv compared to the vertical globe valves. You can also name these valves as Y-valves, valve shut-off valves, or angle seat piston valves. Generally, the closing of the Pneumatic Angle Valve is in a similar direction to the flow.

What are the technical specifications of a pneumatic angle seat valve?

Size of the port

3/8” to 2-1/2” NPT


Available on the request


Materials of the body of pneumatic angle valve

304 stainless steel is the standard and 316 stainless steel is the requirement

Maximum operating pressure

It is approximately 232 psi


0.93 in2/s

Material of the actuator

Aluminum is the standard; 304 stainless steel and plastic are available on request


-20 Fahrenheit to 400 Fahrenheit  


Liquid, steam, Gas and air

Material of the seal

Three materials are the standards including PTFE and FKM.

What are the typical applications of pneumatic angle valve?

  • For the treatment of wastewater
  • In sterilization
  • Processing the chemicals
  • Steam applications
  • In the equipment of air drying, laundry, and separating the air
  • Assembling the automobiles
  • Packing and refrigeration
  • Processing of the feed and ceramics
  • Maintenance of the road
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Separating the air

What are the advantages of using a Pneumatic Angle Valve?

  • All the materials are from the Chinese factory and follow all the standards
  • The grade of insulation is Class H which offers a good level of resistance that can handle high temperature
  • Testing of 100% leakages under specific conditions like low pressure and high pressure
  • All the types of Pneumatic Angle Valveand seal materials are customized according to the requirements of the customers
  • After the shipment of the Pneumatic Angle Valve, there is 1-year quality assurance available
  • Availability of after-sales services such as technical support

How can you introduce the pneumatic angle seat piston valve?

The pneumatic angle seat piston valve is the valve controlling pneumatically along with the piston actuator. It facilitates the linear actuation for lifting the seal from the seat. This helps regulate the flowing of the liquids, vacuum, gas, and steam along with the aggressive liquids. The pneumatic angle seat piston valve works in high temperatures and high viscous medium including zero differential pressures. The setting of the valve is at such an angle that the flow is at the maximum level whenever unseated. It is the best alternative to ball valves and solenoid valves, particularly for viscous and contaminated mediums when the solenoid valves stop working.   

Features of the pneumatic angle seat piston valve:

  • It displays the position of the valve whether it is opened or closed
  • The pneumatic pilot outside increases the life of servicing and makes it free from maintenance
  • There is a sealing gland present that you can adjust accordingly. It is present between the overflowing port and slider to increase the performance of the seal
  • The structure of the valve’s seat present in its body helps in receiving the flow in large size. Particularly compared to the typical globe valves
  • The whole structure of the pneumatic angle seat piston valve is compact and gives a response in a short time.
  • Types of connections available-àwelded connection, threaded connection, flange connection, and tri-clamp connection.
  • Types of actuators-àplastic actuator angle seat valve and stainless steel actuator angle seal valve
  • Temperature types-àthe range of normal type temperature is approximately 200 degrees. The high-temperature type exceeds 300 degrees.
figure 2 pneumatic angle seat piston valve


The Pneumatic Angle Valve works along with the actuator. The main purpose of the Pneumatic Angle Valve is to achieve high flowing rates because of the design of the angle flow path. BCST is the top manufacturer of Pneumatic Angle Valve and supplies them to different countries as well. Place your order today.

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